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"We want to help people leverage their land - whether that is through selling it to put that cash to better use OR buying it to use it for a purpose that brings value!"

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April and Caleb founded LeveragedLand out of a passion for, you got it - LAND!

LeveragedLand is an outlet for people to get rid of their land for a quick profit to put that cash to better use OR is a resource to gain new land to fulfill any dreams you may have that leverage land.

Even though we may be based in Nashville, TN (yes, we love country music!), we buy land all over the beautiful United States of America.

We would be honored to help you turn your unwanted land into cash that you can then leverage elsewhere.

We are excited to hear from you and to serve in any way we can.

-April and Caleb with LL

Contact us today!

Email: leveragedland@gmail.com

Call ‪(720) 514-9362

We Help Land Owners Sell Their Land

No matter what your property's condition is, we will offer a fair cash offer. This helps many land owners needing to sell because they:

  1. Inherited unwanted land.

  2. Are behind on their payments.

  3. Owe liens.

  4. Have not had luck being able to sell with a realtor or for-sale-by-owner.

We buy most types of land: farm, residential, commercial, forestry use, commercial, rural and more.

Our Process

1. Submit your property with our 'cash offer now button'.

The button will take you to a form for you to complete. Once you submit the form, we will receive it, review it and determine what we will offer for it.

*We look at county data, recent sales data, and research comparable properties to come up with a price.

2. Receive your cash offer.

After reviewing your property, we will contact you by email with a fair cash offer. After discussing the price and coming to an agreement, we will prepare a purchase agreement and send it your way.

3. You get paid!

After receiving your signed agreement, we will begin the closing process. We will do all the work for you with the closing! Once closed, you will get paid by check or wire transfer.

Call ‪(720) 514-9362

Email: leveragedland@gmail.com

Site: www.leveragedland.com

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